Bike to Hike Challenge 2022

The Bike to Hike Challenge 2022 is the brainchild of James and Gill Stewart who are coming together with friends to ride down France from coast to coast and then hike across a good part of the Alps. The cycle is from St Malo to Nice and 1600km.  The walk is a further 300km going from Chatel to Modane. The combined climbing height is 30,000m! To put that in perspective it is like climbing Scafell, the highest peak in England, over 30 times! Quite an undertaking and physical challenge for mostly 60-year-olds!

They are generously supporting specific projects for two charities which are close to their hearts:  Chalkdown RDA and Power for the People, who invest in the vision of communities living in extreme poverty in East Africa, partnering with them to build bright, sustainable futures.

Chalkdown’s campaign “A Stable Roof” will involve the rebuilding of the dilapidated stable complex and the refurbishment of the riding arena.  With their help, the leaking roof, rotten wood and crocked doors will become a thing of the past and the ponies, volunteers and riders will enjoy safer, hugely improved facilities. 

 You can follow their progress on Instagram.